Introducing AfroRiri Haircare



Hello Beautiful People, we are very happy to introduce you to AfroRiri Haircare, the answer to Africa’s children hair needs which results in a win-win! At last, products have been developed with African hair in mind. Our products are made with the finest ingredients in nature to give your hair it’s right nourishment. With this combination, your hair is a winner!

AfroRiri Haircare is a baby of House of Radiance Limited, a company dedicated to authentic beauty, fashion and lifestyle. AfroRiri Haircare started as a result of numerous questions being asked by different people regarding how the founders were able to maintain their natural hair to look so gorgeous all the time.

AfroRiri hair products are made with the finest natural ingredients that nourish the hair to make it grow beautifully. Our products are hand made and sustainable resulting in Luxe Organic African Hair care products. The products are all budget friendly because they were made with everyone in mind.

Our mission is to promote natural hair and to give every woman the confidence she deserves because we know that every woman is beautiful and a masterpiece. Therefore, we work on developing the finest products to help the African woman manage her natural hair and also tackle her hair problems making her natural hair journey an enjoyable one.

Our vision is to promote a positive image of Africa and her people. We are also dedicated to giving back to the community. We have different range of products suitable for natural, relaxed and texlaxed hair. 10% of our sales goes to charity. Joyfully, we tell you that our products will be the best you have ever purchased because they work very well. The fact that they are natural should make your hair and skin tingle. More importantly, they contain all the required nutrients a doctor would prescribe. Our team comprises of a young medical doctor, a biotechnologist and a business administrator/model/tried and tested user of AfroRiri Haircare products, who are here to answer all your questions and recommend the best products for you.  For questions, enquiries, orders and free hair consultation, contact us.




Phone Number: +234 8187844321 , +2348187844327, +447586560755
Facebook: AfroRiri Haircare
Instagram: @afroririhaircare
Twitter: @AfroririHair
Products available in Nigeria, London and Ukraine.

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