AfroRiri Haircare

coconut oil

Women have used coconut oil for centuries as a hair and skin enhancer, but only recently have we caught on to the wonders of this super food. Coconut oil protects and nourishes textured hair and skin in ways that other oils do not. Learn how to properly care for yourself with coconut oil.

1. Pre-shampoo treatment

Did you know that washing your hair is damaging to your hair fibers? Every time you wash or wet your hair, your hair fibers swell to accommodate the water, and then contract as it dries. This act of expanding and contracting causes the hair cuticle to crack, split and fray.

As a solution, apply coconut oil to your hair a few hours before you wash your hair. Because coconut oil can penetrate the hair fiber and protect your hair from absorbing too much water, your hair will remain stronger and healthier over time.


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