Facts about hair: Vitamins make your hair grow

Deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals have been linked to hair loss and excessive shedding. A balanced diet or taking a vitamin supplement can help ensure that you are getting what you need to have the long, healthy hair you desire.

1) Iron– An individual does not have to be anemic to experience hair loss due to iron deficiency.  George Cotsarelis of the University of Pennsylvania Hair Clinic reports that levels of iron that many doctors consider normal are actually low; particularly in many women.  Increase your iron by trying the following:

  • Eat leafy green vegetables and lean cuts of meat to help improve your iron intake
  • Take Vitamin C with meals to help increase absorption of iron.


2) Vitamin D- Recently deficiencies in Vitamin D has been linked to excessive shedding and hair loss.

  • Wild caught salmon and mackerel are known to be rich in Vitamin D.
  • Eat dairy products like milk and yogurt. ( For those who are lactose intolerant try orange juices that are fortified with iron)
  • Get out and active and enjoy the sunshine!  Many of us spend much of our time in doors due to work.


3) Vitamin E- Many people know of the uses for Vitamin E on the skin but it is also great for hair. Vitamin E helps promote hair growth by creating a healthy scalp environment. It is also reported that it can help with hair loss. Vitamin E can also be applied topically to encourage healthy hair follicles and reduce inflammation if needed.

  • Nuts and seeds and vegetable oils (wheat germ, canola) are some of the best sources of Vitamin E.
  • Safflower oil which is one my favourite oils for natural hair is not only great for applying to hair but can be used for cooking.


nuts and seeds



I hope this is helpful. Comment below and tell us if you eat vitamins too. What else do you know about vitamins? We are all learning.  xoxo!


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