Tutorial of the week: Bantu knots

bantuknotsSetting the style

  • Divide into manageable sections. Those with longer hair need fewer sections. Also, the curlier you want the bantu knot out to be, the more sections you want.
  • Moisturize. Whether it’s a simple spritz of water and yummy oils or a complete co-wash (wash hair with conditioner not shampoo), hydrate your coils! It makes it more pliable and it will hold the shape of the bantu knot better.
  • Detangle or smooth out your hair. This is optional, as some naturally curlies don’t use hair tools, or your hair may simple be very stretched or tangle-free already. This step is just to ensure you get a smooth, shiny curl and that your ends look neat. Hair should just be damp, not sopping wet. Otherwise, it will take forever to dry!
  • Apply a styler or curl cream. I suggest something with medium hold, because crunchy bantu knots are a pain to fluff out the next day! Here are some styler suggestions. Smooth the product down from root to tip.
  • Roll-twist each section of hair and wind it on top of itself. The goal is to create tiny buns (they’re not really “knots”) on top of your head. Once you get to the end of the rolled section, you can tuck it under the bantu knot and the pressure should keep it in place. If not, use a bobby pin or hair pin to keep it from unravelling.
  • At this point, you have a choice. You can wear the bantu knots as a style themselves or you can blow dry or sit under a dryer to set the style immediately. I usually do this style at night, and by morning it’s air-dried

The take down

  • Lightly lubricate your hands with your favorite oil or anti-humidity serum. This will prevent frizz if you’re a bit rough taking down the bantu knots.
  • Gently unravel each bantu knot.
  • Gently separate each section and fluff. Try not to cause frizz by constantly pulling apart each section, but manipulate the hair enough to cover the parts in your hair. Some people use an afro pick to lift the roots and hide the parts. If you have a looser texture, just run your hands through your roots and stop when you get to the curl formation.

You’re done! Enjoy your new ‘do!

3 thoughts on “Tutorial of the week: Bantu knots

  1. I have done this once and I loved the result. But what product would u recommend as a styler or curler cream, that can easily be got in Nigeria. Thanks. And by the way keep up the good work


    • Hi Efuaye, it depends on what you want to achieve with the product. Have you tried our detangling conditioner and luxe hair butter? It can be used for great twist outs. It also helps keep your
      hair well conditioned, eliminates split ends and grows front hair fast. Also, we would have AfroRiri Curling Pudding soon. This is great for curls. We will keep you informed on the release date.

      There will be upcoming posts showing you how to use our products to achieve your desired hairstyles.

      Thanks for reading.


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