Hibiscus Hair Mask Recipe


If you are suffering from weak roots and porous hair then Hibiscus can be the most ideal remedy . Its essential elements strengthen weak roots and treats pore clogging by stimulating blood circulation to scalp . It encourages hair growth by supplying essential nutrients to follicles.

Now, you can fight five signs of hair problem , hair fall, hair damage , dandruff , graying , dryness with these homemade hair masks , which are not only easy to prepare but also cost effective . These natural ingredients don ’ t have any side effects . Its regular application will definitely treat your hair . The best part about homemade hair masks is it is free from harmful chemicals which can cause damage to your hair . These natural hair masks provide more volume to hair and allow you to experiment with different hairstyles . Now, let your hair breathe freely with the help of homemade hair mask.

It can be easily prepared at home with the following ingredients.

Ingredients :
Hibiscus petals : 6 – 7 or Hibiscus Powder : 2 Tbsp
Olive oil ( extra virgin): 1 / 4 cup
Raw Milk: 2 Tbsp

Soak hibiscus petals or powder overnight in a cup of water. Then blend or mix it with olive oil and raw milk.

Apply this mask gently on your hair . Keep this hair mask for 20 – 25 mins and then rinse it with cold water. Regular application will give you desired result .

For those asking about how to get hibiscus, you can order some from http://www.naturalglamour.com.ng or by calling 0704 535 3925. Delivery is to Nigeria and Ghana.

We hope this was helpful.

Please tell us how you make your hibiscus hair masks.


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