Knowing My Hair

Written by Freda Lukor


The journey to have great hair has been a tedious one, not easy at all. Unlike other races, the African child is born with hair covering the scalp. According to my mum, I was a beautiful baby with a lot of hair covering. Well, I still remain a beautiful adult recovering my lost hair:-). I am sure you may be wondering but I will give a little story.

As a child, I had medium length natural hair that could pack a bun and the puff from that bun was so full like stacks of cotton wool. My auntie had difficulty holding my hair when weaving because it was a bit silky and will always slip from her hand. She would leave me to my mum to plait my hair whose grip was unimaginably painful so I cut my hair because of the pain. Growing my hair since that time has been a lot of money, time and energy especially since I started applying creme at age eight. At some point my hair will see the light and I will know there is hope only for it to die again. University came and hair extensions seemed to be a way out but, what was the real me without the extensions and all? Apart from character, attitude that makes up one’s beauty my hair contributes to my outward appearance. Thus the inner desire for great hair stirred up in me. This desire consumed me when I met a secondary school friend in my second year at school. Aretha was on transfer from Caleb and we were happy to meet again. She had black-brown hair judging from the time I saw her I hair was shoulder length back then but now, it was way past her waist( I will call that butt length) and still growing. She will taunt me on a regular, “why can’t you be like me and border less with all these weaves, at least once in a while” and I will eye her hair with envy. I pray for long hair and all my friend can do is pack a boring bun (very annoying). There is so much fun things to do with a hair of almost thirty inches. I started searching so I went on YouTube with a different intent and was amazed what I saw black ladies with natural hair, so long. I watched and on mindless of my data connection. I began to analyse the downfall of my hair and came to conclusion that the genesis of MY HAIR was creme. I say my hair because it did not thrive well with relaxer but works well for my dear friend I spoke of earlier. Over the years my hair became scanty and lifeless. I had cooked my scalp enough with chemicals so I needed change. There was enough proof a lot of damage had been done beyond what I could see so I took the bold step and cut down the weed from my head to grow fresh healthy hair. They enemy that obstructed healthy growth of my hair was RELAXER.

Finally, I have embraced the natural curls mama gave me and I am still knowing my hair, the do’s and don’ts. I am African and my hair(and skin) is what tells that. Do not get me wrong, I ain’t being discriminate about textures but we need to know that the things we think favour us most are our greatest enemy. In the long or short run, creme damages the hair resulting to multi-problems of which baldness is a part of it. My hair journey has made me learn a lot too of which are good diet and patience. Some people may spend a lot on products to grow their hair yet no results. The truth is what you put into your body is as important as what you use on your hair. I do not mean use cheap products. You may use cheap products but ensure they are good to avoid hair damage. Eat healthily and drink lots of water (which is very important to transport nutrients to your scalp). Exercise patience because it takes a some good time to grow natural hair but not for every one. It can take few persons a year or two. So my dear ladies know what is best for your hair and apply it.




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