Reasons for itchy scalp and solution

 Written by Rosalyn O


Dandruff, a scalp condition that can cause itching and flaking of the skin, is treated with medicated shampoos. Dandruff  is caused by overgrowth of yeast like fungus known as malassezia on the scalp. Malessezia also lives on healthy scalps without causing dandruff but when the fungus grows out of control dandruff can become a huge problem. It is characterized by large greasy or waxy flakes or clusters of skin cells and are usually yellowish or greasy.

You have product buildup

Product builds up on our scalp and hair follicles over time from all of the various moisturizers, stylers and tap water we use on our hair. Over time debris and dirt gets trapped in the pores of the scalp, clogging them and causing that all too familiar itchy feeling. To really remove build up on the scalp, try using AFRORIRI HONEY MOISTURISING SHAMPOO.

Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is caused by dehydration and over-shedding of the scalp, and is accompanied with small tiny flakes. You know you have a dry scalp when you feel tightness of the scalp and itchiness.

How to treat dry scalp

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Wash less
  • Rub AFRORIRI HAIR BUTTER on scalp daily even when your hair is in a protective style

Hope this was helpful. xoxo

5 thoughts on “Reasons for itchy scalp and solution

  1. plzz am in Ghana n i want to know where i can get ur product at but recently cuz i wanted to go natyral i applied mayonnaise n beer to my hair will it have any consequences when i apply ur product.


    • Thank you so much Jennifer for your comment. Please kindly call Janice on +233 20 328 4463 for AfroRiri products in Ghana. And no, there will be no consequence when you apply AfroRiri Haircare products regardless of your former hair routines. AfroRiri works to promote new hair growth and keeps hair in the healthiest condition.


  2. Please do u sell in Canada, just start my transitioning and I need anything to
    Use for my front hair I feel is not growing cos all other part are growing so fast


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