The good a satin sleep cap and satin pillowcase does for your hair


Written by Rosalyn O

  When we toss and turn, dragging or rubbing our heads and hair across the fabric of our pillows we can snag the cuticle layer of the hair against the fibers on the pillow. This rubbing results in roughing up the surface of the hair shaft and leads to the tangles and knots your hair. When your hair rubs against the pillow night after night, the ends of the hair strands can become damaged, resulting in split ends and significant damage.  By restricting the range of movement your hair can achieve at night, you minimize the amount of damage that could occur. You can also minimize the problem by using a satin pillowcase or satin nightcap. Satin fabrics are smooth and cause much less friction against the hair. Nightcaps have the added benefit of constraining longer hair so that it doesn’t get moved around and roughed as much during the night. Nightcaps protect hairdos and reduce the chances of damage to those delicate strands.

Functions of AfroRiri sleepcap:
Helps retain hair moisture.
Special satin helps prevent hair breakage.
Helps your hairstyles last longer than the old fashioned black hair nets.

You will notice healthier hair growth.
No split ends or breakage.
Well conditioned hair.
Longer lasting hairstyles.

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