AfroRiri WCW: Dakore Akande

At AfroRiri Haircare , our Wednesdays are dedicated to naturalistas we admire and love. Hopefully, by seeing our WCW you are encouraged to continue your natural hair journey.

Our WCW is Nigeria’s own Dakore Akande. Dakore Akande (born Dakore Omobola Egbuson) is a Nigerian award winning actress and musician.She is an ambassador for Amnesty International, Amstel Malta and Oxfam of America. Dakore was born in Bayelsa state as the first child of her parents. She attended Corona School and Federal Government Girls’ College in Lagos and Bauchi respectively. She studied mass communication at the University of Lagos. She has acted in more than 50 films like Journey to self, Unconditional, Men do cry, Play boy and Silent tears. When you meet Dakore, you are stunned by her beauty, carriage and amiable disposition. These are the attributes that have pulled Dakore Egbuson through as one of Nollywood’s finest actresses. She is a beautiful and talented actress, a singer and a Television presenter. Dakore, is a very spiritual person who loves herself. She knows what she wants and gets it. As she says, God has been on her side all the way. Dakore  loves African stuff.” I have emancipated myself from the mental slavery that comes with the western way of doing things. I’m an amalgamation of those two. Seeing that I’m contemporary young and I am African inside.” she says. Her hair was not growing well and she was tired of perming it. She decided to cut it and keep dreads. Since it was less stressful and didn’t want to be going to the salon everytime. She had dreads 12 years. Now she has cut off the dreads and is rocking her natural hair. She rocks her natural hair on the red carpet, movies and photo shoots.She is currently married with 2 kids. So you see that having and wearing your own natural hair does not make you less successful.


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