AfroRiri WCW: Abena Appiah

At AfroRiri Haircare , our Wednesdays are dedicated to naturalistas we admire and love. Hopefully, by seeing our WCW you are encouraged to continue your natural hair journey.

 Our WCW is Ghana’s beauty queen Abena Appiah. Abena  is Miss Universe Ghana 2014. She is a model, musician and  dancer. She love’s to entertain and love’s to be entertained. She started modeling at the age of three and discovered her music abilities at the age of nine.

She had her primary and part of high school education in the United States of America completing in United States of America. She currently schools at Radford University College studying fashion, her philosophy in life is “strive hard to achieve your goal no matter the circumstance”. She contested in miss Ghana 2012 and won the miss talent award. Abena won Top Model Ghana and represented Ghana at Top Model of the World 2013 in Egypt. Abena contested for X Factor and made it to the finals. Her hair has been natural hair for years…

She rocks her natural hair on red carpets, interviews, stage performances and photo shoots. She even rocked her natural her during miss Universe Ghana contest.

She is the definition of a true naturalista who looks naturally fabulous!

So you see that having and wearing your own natural hair does not make you less successful.

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