Five gifts to buy yourself this christmas

Written by Rosalyn O


1. AfroRiri Haircare : AfroRiri hair products are made with the finest natural ingredients that nourish the hair to make it grow beautifully. Our products are hand-made and sustainable resulting in Luxe Organic African Hair care products. The products are all budget friendly because they were made with everyone in mind. Our mission is to promote natural hair and to give every woman the confidence she deserves because we know that every woman is beautiful and a masterpiece. Therefore, we work on developing the finest products to help the African woman manage her natural hair and also tackle her hair problems making her natural hair journey an enjoyable one. To purchase AfroRiri products, click here.

2. Steamer: Steaming allows you to add moisture to your hair promoting longer and healthier hair growth. When your hair does not receive any moisture and is dry it will become dull, brittle and break. The benefits of steaming are;

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Stops hair breakage
  • Wards off dryness,brittleness and breakage
  • Cleanses scalp, removing dirt and dead skin
  • Makes hair stronger and healthier
  • Leaves your hair soft and smooth


3. Silk or Satin Pillowcase: Satin or silk pillowcases and hair bonnets aid in the health of your hair. These will protect your natural oils and moisture from leaving your hair while you sleep. To purchase one, click here..

spray bottle

4. Spray & Steam Bottle (500 ml): Perfect for applying hair treatments daily. The top gives you the option of applying your treatment as steam, spray or off. The spray option is for applying moisture or liquid treatments to your hair. The steam option is for applying oil or moisture to targeted sections on the head. This multi-purpose spray & steam bottle is ideal for hot oil treatments and other hair mixtures. It can also be used to treat and condition your braided hair and weaves daily. To purchase one, click here.

5. Hair Rollers: Hair rollers and perm rods are great for natural hair because it brings versatility to your hairstyles and it allows you to have direct heat-free curls. You can find hair rollers in various sizes. It is also a fast and simple way to change-up your look. To purchase one, click here..

Christmas is here… Pamper yourself with these five items. Hope this was helpful. Xoxo!

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