New Year, New Routine


Hello Divas,

How has 2015 been so far? How are you divas rocking your gorgeous hair? Last year, I was a bit non-chalant about my hair routine. This year I intend to step up the game. These are the areas I will love to change.

  • Last year, I steamed my hair three times which was very bad. I will work on steaming my hair monthly this year.
  • Last year, I was team let it fro. My hair was in a protective style like four times the whole year. This year I will make my hair more.
  • This year, am all about my hair growing. I will eat healthier, exercise, drink a lot of water and treat my hair better.
  • This year, I will wear my satin cap every night to sleep to retain moisture and preserve my hairstyle.
  • This year, I will use AfroRiri black shampoo as my only shampoo. It really softens my hair, makes my hair curlier and makes my hair shine.
  • This year, I will be more versatile with my hair.
  • I will try a no comb challenge this year. I will try not to use a comb through my hair. I have to look for other alternatives like finger detangling.

What new routine are you adopting for your hair this year? Let us know by commenting below. Stay naturally fabulous this 2015.





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