Tea Rinse For Healthy Hair


By Rosalyn O

Tea isn’t JUST for drinking! Yes, drinking herbal will cleanse your body and aid new hair growth. However, having a tea rinse can give your hair an extra boost that you desire. Whether you are looking to reduce shedding, add shine, elasticity and bounce, there are a few rinses that you can use to help with your desired result. Check these rinses out, and add your own mixes to cater to your needs. Also, hair health starts from the inside, so remember to drink healthy herbal teas too.

How to do a Tea Rinse

  1. Place the herb in a cup.
  2. Pour boiling water over the herb and steep for 30 minutes or more.
  3. Strain the mixture and allow the liquid to cool.
  4. Pour over your head after your regular shampoo, condition, and detangling session.

How to apply Tea Rinse

  1. Put in a Spray bottle to spray your hair. This acts as a hair refresher.
  2. Use as a final rinse after washing your hair. You can rinse the tea out after massaging and letting it sit for 30 minutes or leave it in and continue with a deep conditioner

Teas and their uses

  • Turn grey hairs darker – Rosemary and Sage
  • Brightening the hair – Chamomile for blondes; Rooibos for redheads; or Black tea for dark hair
  • Reduces shedding hair – Green tea, Black tea
  • Stimulate hair growth – Green tea
  • Strengthens and thickens the hair – Black tea, Sage
  • Helps with dandruff and psoriasis – Green tea, Nettle, Thyme
  • Promote hair growth – Hibiscus
  • Stimulates the scalp- Peppermint

I hope this was helpful. Which tea rinse have you tried?


Happy New Year

happy new year

Happy New Year To Our Beloved Customers & Friends. Thanks so much for your patronage and support in 2015. Looking forward to more exciting packages & products & services this 2016.
Wishing u a naturally fabulous 2016 filled with abundance.

How to take care of your hair during Harmattan



By Rosalyn O

Harmattan is here with its extreme temperatures accompanied by dusty dry winds. Whether you have natural hair, dreadlocks or relaxed hair, this is the season to take extra good care of your hair. We have come thus far with our hair this year. Some of us are reaching our hair goal length while some of us have actually stepped up pampering our hair this year making our hair healthier. Should we allow HARMATTAN spoil our groove? No, we shouldn’t. Here are some tips to prevent harmattan from breaking and damaging your hair:

To keep your hair moisturized use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner by all means. Stay away from clarifying shampoos, harsh shampoos and shampoos that contain sulphate.

  1. Pre-shampoo treatments: A pre-shampoo treatment is applied to the hair then left for a period of time before shampooing out. You can pre-shampoo with honey, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil, hot oil treatments, hair mask, and homemade blends. This will help retain moisture and add a brilliant healthy shine to your hair. More importantly, it reduces protein loss in hair. It will nourish, condition and strengthen your hair protecting it from the drying effect the harmattan weather has on hair and skin hence preventing drying of the hair shaft.
  2. Protein Treatments: Protein is what gives your hair its strength and structure. Proteins bind to the hair cuticle and help temporarily rebuild any weakened areas. Protein based products reinforce the hair shaft, and help it remain strong enough to fight breakage. Easy homemade protein treatment you can try on your hair is a mixture of olive oil, mayonnaise, honey and egg.
  3.  Aloe Vera Juice Spritz: This is the perfect time to get a spray bottle at home and make a moisturising hair spritz using aloe vera, water and some natural oils. Aloe vera softens and moisturizes the hair. It also has anti-bacterial properties. It is very effective as it can penetrate all three layers of skin. Your bottle can contain a mix of water, aloe vera juice, castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil or glycerine. You don’t have to spritz every morning. Observe what your hair likes so you know what oils to add or not add.
  4.  A Season for Hats and Caps: Protect your hair and look stylish doing it. It is time to bring out your hats and caps or time to buy some hats for some of us who don’t have any. As we know, the harmattan season is very dry and dusty. This definitely strips the hair of moisture. Our hair is very fragile and when dry, it is prone to breakage. Don’t lose your hair to this season. Cover your hair with caps, hats and satin scarfs/caps at night. If you are not going to be covering your hair, know it’s going to get dirty faster and you would need to increase your wash days.
  5. Protective styles are a great option: If you want to wear braided extensions or try on a hair weave or wig this is the time. Tuck your hair away and protect it from the harsh weather. Try a new style for this festive season. You will look beautiful and also be protecting your hair from breakage and dryness.
  6. Water and Fruits: Remember that, how you treat your body inside reflects on the outside. Drink a lot of water or eat fruits with high water content to stay hydrated. Fruits will replenish nutrients and also boost your immunity from falling ill this season. And interestingly, intake of water and fruits promote fast and healthy hair growth.


I hope these tips are helpful. Kindly let me know more tips that have worked for you this harmattan season in the comments below.





AfroRiri WCW is Amandla Stenberg

At AfroRiri Haircare , our Wednesdays are dedicated to naturalistas we admire and love. Hopefully, by seeing our WCW you are encouraged to continue your natural hair journey.

Our WCW is Amandla Stenberg . She is an award winning American actress, musician, co-author and filmmaker.

She was born October 23, 1999. Her name means power or strength in Zulu and Xhosa.

At the age of four, she started doing catalog modelling shoots for Disney. She has appeared in commercials for clients such as Boeing. In 2011, she appeared in her first feature film, Colombiana, as a younger version of Zoe Saldana’s character. Her career breakthrough came when she was cast as Rue in the 2012 film the hunger games. In 2013 Amandla began performing on the violin and singing harmonies at LA venues with singer/songwriter Zander Hawley. The folk-rock duo known as Honeywater, released their first EP in August 2015.

Amandla Stenberg is working steadily towards being the voice of a generation as well as a beauty role model for young women, and she isn’t afraid to experiment with her look.

Embracing her natural hair turned out to be a great move for her she said: “All of the sudden, it gave me so much more confidence. I’m so much more comfortable with my hair, my body, and everything. So hair is super central to how I express myself because it’s just kind of part of the Black experience: Doing your hair is always an event. I really love my hair, I really embrace it, and I’m so glad that I made the decision to wear it natural.”

“When I was younger, I struggled with my hair a lot because it was too hard to deal with — it was too poofy, it was too big, and I just wanted it to go down, flat against my head,” she says. “I put treatments in my hair to try to make it look straight, and in the past year, I realized that that’s so not necessary. I really love my natural hair texture and my curls and so I went totally natural and had to do the big chop…and the curls sprung back to life.”

She rocks her natural hair on red carpets, interviews, movie sets and photo shoots.

She is the definition of a true naturalista who looks naturally fabulous!

So you see that having and wearing your own natural hair does not make you less successful.Screenshot_2015-11-05-03-08-12-1Screenshot_2015-11-05-03-08-01-1amandla

Chemicals to avoid on your hair


Written by Rosalyn

The products that you use on your hair matter. Don’t fall for products’ marketing gimmicks.

You will find that some products that are marketed as being natural contain some of these harsh chemicals so it’s always best to check before paying.

Certain chemicals dry hair out ,make it prone to breakage, clog up pores or harm your hair.

Ensure the products you buy or use on your hair do not contain any of the following:

  • Sulphates
  • Gluten
  • Parabens
  • Paraffin
  • Petrolatum and mineral oils
  • Phthalates
  • Propylene Glycol

AfroRiri products do not have any of these harm chemicals as ingredients. AfroRiri  products will definitely work well on your hair.

Hope this was helpful. xoxo

AfroRiri WCW is Tracee Ellis Ross

At AfroRiri Haircare , our Wednesdays are dedicated to naturalistas we admire and love. Hopefully, by seeing our WCW you are encouraged to continue your natural hair journey.

Our WCW is Tracee Ellis Ross. She is an American actress, model, comedian, motivational speaker, producer and television host.

She was born October 29, 1972. She is the daughter of a singer and actress, Diana Ross. Tracee attended New Walden Lincoln in Manhattan and the Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland. She was a model in her teens. She attended Brown University where she appeared in plays, and graduated in 1994 with a theatre degree. She later worked in the fashion industry, as a model and contributing fashion editor to Mirabella and New York magazine.

She is best known for her lead role as Joan Clayton on the UPN/CW comedy series, Girlfriends. She starred in the show from 2000 to 2008. She starred in the 2007 comedy-drama film Daddy’s Little Girls, and in 2011 had a leading role as Dr. Carla Reed on the BET sitcom Reed Between the Lines. In 2014, Ross began starring as Dr. Rainbow Johnson in the ABC comedy series, Black-ish.

For many naturalistas, Tracee was a shining example of how they wanted their hair to look when “Girlfriends” debuted. The actress was always rocking her God-given texture and slayed. She has been rocking her natural hair since she was 13 years and her mum was her inspiration.

To be able to see other women that have their hair like me, it gives me a sense of belonging, and I love that is a part of television now. “I’m loving the natural hair movement. It’s really encouraging and is expanding the definition of beauty.” Tracee said

She rocks her natural hair on red carpets, interviews, movie sets and photo shoots.

She is the definition of a true naturalista who looks naturally fabulous!

So you see that having and wearing your own natural hair does not make you less successful.

23mag-23natural-superJumboTracee_Ellis_Ross 10982298_10153146955677193_9209463550008911741_nTracee-Ellis-RossTracee_Ellis_Ross_2014_NAACP_Image_Awards_(cropped)

Get Lupita’s Short and Curly Academy Awards Hair Using AfroRiri Products.


10991324_788588141223088_5215857317941754854_n 11000819_788588061223096_745310023370491790_n

Have you been wondering what to do with your TWA (Teeny-Weeny Afro)? Do you love Lupita’s hair as much as we do? Do you wish you could rock her hair style and look naturally fabulous and radiant in it? Lupita’s tiny curls made a bold statement on the red carpet at the 2015 Academy Awards.

Without question, Lupita killed the Oscars red carpet with her whole look. Follow the steps and get her hairstyle below.

Step 1: Dampen hair with a warm towel or apply AfroRiri Detangling/ Conditioning Leave-In Spray lightly to soften the texture.

Step 2: Apply AfroRiri Castor Oil paired with AfroRiri Twist and Curl Pudding to create tiny ringlets with a small rattail comb throughout the whole head, starting at the nape of neck and moving to the front.

Step 3: Attached hooded dryer for 30 minutes (under cool air not hot air) or air-dry until hair is dry.

Step 4: Once completely dry, take a large tooth bone comb and lift the ringlets to break up the texture for added volume.

Step 5: Liberally spray AfroRiri 5 in 1 Spray SPF 20 for added shine and smooth out any fly-aways and frizzies.

Step 6: Rock your style with confidence!

Hope this was helpful.. Please send us pictures when you try out this hairstyle. We would love to see. Thank you. Xoxo!