Tutorial of the week: Twists out

Twists are great because you can do them on short, medium, or long hair. You also can vary the size of them and pin them up to have varied twist hair styles.


4 Step method to twist natural hair

1) Start with hair that is clean and detangled. Your hair should be dry or damp. I prefer to twist on dry hair. Determine the size of the twists you want to do- fat/large, medium or small

2) Part your hair based on how you want it to lay and begin twisting at the front. Use clips or pony tail holders to hold back the section of hair you are not working with. I usually part my hair into about 4 sections.

3) Apply the holding/styling product of your choice to your fingers. I like to use AfroRiri luxe hair butter.

3) Take the hair you are getting ready to twists and divide it into 2 fairly even pieces. Cross one piece over the other, make sure the roots are tight to prevent puffiness.

4) Continue to do this until you finish all of the sections of hair.


Leave a comment below telling us if this post was useful. Have a lovely week. Xoxo!


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