Advantage of natural hair


  • Originality: It’s a journey of confidence and setting your own standards for beauty.
  • No relaxer countdown
  • Unique: Natural hair is unique and since most women nowadays usually wear their hair in different styles, you are going to stand out when you are around such people.
  •  Better hair health: Natural hair strands are typically much healthier as compared to people who make use of a relaxer. Wearing natural hair is beneficial to both the scalp and the hair.
  • Versatile: An additional benefit of natural hair is that it is quite versatile and thus if provides many options of styling. You can even use the shrinkage of hair to your advantage.
  • Adventure: Learning how to take care of your hair and knowing what the hair needs.
  • Acceptance: Self acceptance of your roots and how your hair should look.
  • More Economical: You do not need to visit the salon as often as with relaxed hair.

Keep rocking your gorgeous natural hair. xoxo


How to take care of your hair at night

10686735_1486450604955074_4007053222071944680_nTaking care of your hair at night plays as important of a role in your healthy hair regimen as your wash routine does. Sometimes you do not wear your satin scarf, don’t feel like moisturizing if your hair needs it, or can’t even find the energy to braid your hair or pack well before sleeping. It may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to protecting your hair at night and ensuring that your hair is properly taken care of, it is. Not doing these few steps can lead to dryness, breakage of hair and potential frustration in the morning if your style doesn’t turn out right. If you’re not careful, this can result in making yet another poor decision in order to salvage your style. So play it safe and don’t “sleep” on your night routine.

  • Natural hair should be covered at night with a satin bonnet or satin scarf and it’s best to sleep on a satin pillowcase. This prevents the moisture you work so hard to keep in your hair from being absorbed by your cotton bedding.
  • If your hair is not in protective style, it is advisable to pack or braid your hair into one or four parts depending on what you want. To prevent breakage and tangling.
  • Castor oil can be rubbed on your scalp before sleeping to make hair grow fast.
  • At night the follicles might be left without the natural moisture, deep conditioning treatments serving as proper hydration for the worn-out locks. Choose a natural hair oil for this and apply it evenly for all the strands.

Preserve your style by giving your hair what it needs the night before. This will ensure that you avoid frizz and tangles. Xoxo

AfroRiri Starter pack in Ghana

uke starter

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Wonders of Henna

Written by Rosalyn O

AfroRiri Henna

Henna has so many benefits for hair. It makes your hair strong, voluminous and shiny.It is also applied on hair to bring back the health of your tresses.  Hair is less prone to breakage and splitting after using henna.  Some people experience a smoother texture with less shrinkage. For henna to work well it needs to be able to bond to the keratin in your hair, to achieve that it has to be mixed with an acidic liquid like caffeine-free tea, green tea, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, apple juice or even citric acid.

Ways to use Henna

  • Steep henna for two hours in amla-brewed water and apply on hair including scalp.  Since amla is slightly acidic, you can simply mix with plain water (rather than tea).
  • If you want a rich coloured mane without affecting the health of your hair like other chemical dyes, then henna is your answer. It has no amino acid or other chemicals that takes away the moisture from your hair which leaves it damaged and dull. Boil water with two tablespoons of dried amla, one teaspoon of black tea and two cloves. Strain the water and add in henna to make a thick paste. Leave overnight or for at least two hours and apply on hair.
  • Henna is known to cure dandruff too. Soak one two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds overnight in water and grind them in the morning. Heat some mustard oil and add henna. Let it cool down and add fenugreek paste in the oil. You can strain the oil mixture to get rid of coarse particle and apply on the scalp an hour before the shampoo.

Hope this was helpful. xoxo

AfroRiri WCW: Solange Knowles

At AfroRiri Haircare , our Wednesdays are dedicated to naturalistas we admire and love. Hopefully, by seeing our WCW you are encouraged to continue your natural hair journey.

Our WCW is Solange Knowles. She was born June 24th 1986. She is an American singer, songwriter, and model. She was born in Houston, Texas to Mathew and Tina Knowles.

As a child, Solange studied dance and theater. At the age of five, she made her singing debut at an amusement park. She began writing songs at the age of nine. At 13, she decided to pursue recording, but her parents initially advised her to wait. At the age of 15, Solange replaced a departed dancer and performed with her sister’s group Destiny’s Child on tour.

In 2004, Knowles married Daniel Smith, eventually giving birth to their son Daniel Julez J. Smith. Solange has acted in several minor roles, including the direct-to-video Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006) and writes music for Beyoncé and ex-Destiny Child band members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Solange has been promoting Baby Jamz, a hip hop-styled toy line for pre-schoolers. It was inspired by her son, Julez, who is fond of hip hop music. She is the executive producer of the CD, composed of updated hip hop inspired nursery rhymes, which is featured in all of the toys. Solange has been recognised as a fashion icon. She has her own record label called Saints records. On November 16, 2014, Knowles married music video director Alan Ferguson in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Post-chop, she said she felt ‘free’. She was just tired of the energy surrounding her hair so she cut it off in 2009. She said that cutting her hair off was a sign of liberation.

She’s living proof that natural hair can be versatile, stylish and edgy. She rocks her natural hair on red carpets, interviews, movie sets, stage performances and photo shoots. She even rocked an afro on her wedding day.

She is the definition of a true naturalista who looks naturally fabulous!

So you see that having and wearing your own natural hair does not make you less successful.

Natural WomanSolange Knowles attends Perrier-Jouet celebrates Michael Kalish's Belle Epoque Sculpture on June 11, 2012 in New York City

Afroriri WCW: Omoni Oboli

At AfroRiri Haircare , our Wednesdays are dedicated to naturalistas we admire and love. Hopefully, by seeing our WCW you are encouraged to continue your natural hair journey.

Our WCW is Nigeria’s own Omoni Oboli. Omoni Oboli is an award winning actress, script writer and producer. She was born in Benin and is from Delta state.

Omoni studied Foreign Languages at the University of Benin majoring in French. In 1996, while still at the university, she shot her first films. She then took a 10 year break, got married, and returned to the screen in 2009 with the movie Entanglement. She is married to Nnamdi Oboli and they have three children. Omoni has starred in hit movies such as figurine, brother’s keeper, anchor baby, jungle ride, behind a smile. Omoni recently went to the New York Film Academy in New York where she did a short course in Digital Film Making. Being Mrs Elliott is the first movie produced by Omoni Oboli.

Omoni Oboli has been rocking her natural hair for months now. She feels very happy and comfortable with her hair. She said going natural is the best decision she has ever made.”I wanted something different and I thought, ‘let me go back to my roots.’ Its natural and I am loving it. My hair gives me life.” said Omoni Oboli…

She rocks her natural hair on red carpets, interviews, movie sets and photo shoots.

She is the definition of a true naturalista who looks naturally fabulous!

So you see that having and wearing your own natural hair does not make you less successful.

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AfroRiri satin sleep cap challenge

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Hint: Make the picture fun and beautiful. Good luck… xoxo