What Henna does:
Henna thickens and adds weight to hair.
Henna makes hair strong and shiny.
Henna gives colour to hair.
Henna gives psoriasis relief.

What to mix with Henna:
To get the most out of your henna session, try playing around with the following ingredients, according to your hair’s needs.

*For softness, conditioning and moisture:
Carrier oils: Coconut oil, Olive oil.
Conditioner: Protein free conditioner.

*For Colour enhancement:
Coffee (for deeper brown)
Lemon Juice (for brightness)
Green Tea (for brightness)
Paprika (for more red)

*For scalp health:
Tea tree oil
Peppermint oil
Rosemary oil

*For shine, ph balancing and porosity:
Aloe Vera Gel or juice
Apple cider vinegar
Bentonite Clay

How to apply henna on the hair
1. You can use gloves on your hand or an applicator bottle to put henna on your hair. That depends on your preference.
2. Henna should be allowed to sit for about one hour after mixture to allow dye release.
3. Henna should be left for about 1 to 8 hours on hair. Henna can also be left overnight on your hair. The longer you leave it on, the more colour you will get out of it.
4. Henna application is messy so wear old things that you don’t mind getting stained.
5. When the henna mixture is on your hair wear a plastic cap and tie your hair with a scarf.
6. Henna treatment should be done 6-8 weeks interval.
7. Henna can be applied to wet or dry hair but don’t apply on dirty hair.
8. Deep condition your hair after hair treatment.

Please let us know what henna mixture you tried and how it worked for your hair.