2017 Hair resolutions


1.Have friends who share your texture means you can forge a partnership that includes sharing tips, tricks and motivation to maintain a routine.

2.Remember to let your hair lay free every once in awhile. The constant pulling and tugging of certain styles can wreak havoc on your edges and ultimately, lead to breakage.

3.Beauty does truly start from within. Before you go crazy buying products and vitamins, remember that simply shifting to a healthier diet will do wonders for your hair and scalp.

4.There’s no such thing as the “perfect” or “right” kind of hair, so why continue comparing what you have to others? Spend more time learning to embrace the tresses you were born with; no matter the pattern, they’re fabulous and uniquely you!

5.Trust your gut when deciding how to rock your hair and worry less about fitting in. Whether you want to rock it straight, transition to locs or wear a voluminous fro, no look is out of bounds!

6.You never know who’s having trouble embracing their texture, so support your fellow curl friends whenever you can. Compliment them on their look and don’t be afraid to accept the same in return.

7.A big change doesn’t always have to be a big chop or color change. Sometimes, discovering fresh new styles via YouTube or Instagram can be just as impactful.

8.Bloggers and vloggers are a great resource for tips, tricks and product recommendations. Do some research and start following one that shares your curl pattern; you’ll be living your best hair life!

Hope this was helpful. Have a wonderful 2017!

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