Get Lupita’s Short and Curly Academy Awards Hair Using AfroRiri Products.


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Have you been wondering what to do with your TWA (Teeny-Weeny Afro)? Do you love Lupita’s hair as much as we do? Do you wish you could rock her hair style and look naturally fabulous and radiant in it? Lupita’s tiny curls made a bold statement on the red carpet at the 2015 Academy Awards.

Without question, Lupita killed the Oscars red carpet with her whole look. Follow the steps and get her hairstyle below.

Step 1: Dampen hair with a warm towel or apply AfroRiri Detangling/ Conditioning Leave-In Spray lightly to soften the texture.

Step 2: Apply AfroRiri Castor Oil paired with AfroRiri Twist and Curl Pudding to create tiny ringlets with a small rattail comb throughout the whole head, starting at the nape of neck and moving to the front.

Step 3: Attached hooded dryer for 30 minutes (under cool air not hot air) or air-dry until hair is dry.

Step 4: Once completely dry, take a large tooth bone comb and lift the ringlets to break up the texture for added volume.

Step 5: Liberally spray AfroRiri 5 in 1 Spray SPF 20 for added shine and smooth out any fly-aways and frizzies.

Step 6: Rock your style with confidence!

Hope this was helpful.. Please send us pictures when you try out this hairstyle. We would love to see. Thank you. Xoxo!

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